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The best quests in Barcelona

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The best quests in the center of Barcelona.
Your team has 60 minutes to accomplish a mission and to escape from a room finding clues and solving logic puzzles.
We invite you to immerse yourself into a hidden world in the centre of Barcelona, where you will need to work as a team to solve puzzles and clues in a cryptic environment.
Locked in a room you and your team (2 - 5 people) will have 60 minutes to engage in a creative playground of discovery. To escape you must interact with your team using logic and critical thinking to analyse the clues and puzzles and solve them in a fight against the clock.
Unlock your imagination and put your team spirit to the test of escape room game!
Your adventure begins here – book now!
All of our Game Masters can speak Spanish and English, and some of them can speak Catalan, Italian, Russian and French, if you need one of these languages contact us to check availability! Want to turn into searchers for pirate treasures for an hour or unravel the secret labyrinth of the Great Anthony Gaudi or leave the room after the party? Then to you to us.
We invite you to visit our amazing quests in the heart of Barcelona, ​​where our quest room is hidden in the building of the former watch factory.
The first quest, in which you and your friends will be seekers of the gold of the Aztecs, in the cabin of an ancient Spanish galion.
The storm will begin, and the sea will rage, your ship will soon go to the bottom, and the ghost of the deceased captain will not allow him to gather his thoughts to find treasures.
The second quest will be the workshop of the Great Antoni Gaudi, where the architect, shortly before his death, hid his drawings.
Gaudi did not want his masterpieces got to anyone, and built a whole labyrinth of secrets, checking whether you are worthy to see them.
Long to think, argue and analyze will not work: a fire will break out in the room, it is necessary to act quickly, otherwise the world will not know what the Catalan genius bequeathed to him.
In the third quest, you wake up after a tumultuous party in the apartment, and find yourself locked in it! It will be necessary to think, it will be bright and unusual, there will be many tasks, and the head refuses to work after a mad night.
In all three quests, to reach the finals and become winners is not easy - two will be you or six, each will need to be smart, resourceful and able to work in the same team. Time to solve all the riddles, not more than an hour. To use the phone is strictly prohibited, and you will not have time for it. In an extreme situation, and even what happened in a confined space, people feel a special union with their comrades and more clearly show their abilities.
In the most difficult situations, you have the right to three tips.
Games are designed for adults, but children over 10 years old can also take part in them.
Maximum 6 people per team.
The rate is per person.


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