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Tour in Andorra

Service description:

I invite you to spend an unforgettable time in the Principality of Andorra, where we go on a comfortable executive class sedan.
You will get acquainted with the stunning mountain scenery and many historical monuments and traditions of Andorra.
Andorra - small country, is just 468 square kilometers.
For most of the Principality is covered by mountains, very soft natural climate makes year-round good weather.
In winter the temperature does not fall below -4 degrees, and in the summer is not above 30 degrees.
The few settlements spread in the picturesque and fertile valleys,
and the mountain rivers and lakes with clear water in abundance of fish.
In the summer season, which lasts from May to the end of October, the ski slopes are closed and unavailable.
But plenty of snow and glacier melt, which begins in April and ends in July, filling the lake and mountain rivers with water so that even small streams turned into raging rivers.

Our journey starts at 7:00, so we had an excellent breakfast in Andorra.
The capital of Andorra 220 kilometers, it is 2.5-3 hours on the road.
But the time will fly by, because the road goes through the old Catalan town, very quiet and beautiful, and then begin the foothills of the Pyrenees, where the terms of the beauty and mystery of the solid.
In a way, I will tell you many interesting things about these places and of itself Andorra.
After arriving in the capital city of Andorra - Andorra la Vella - and a hearty breakfast, we will go to La Massana (second largest city), where we are waiting for the unforgettable views of the valley and the church, which is over 400 years old.
Then we head for the picturesque valley, with raging mountain river in the direction of the most famous of Ordino Arcalis, which is on the way to the famous natural park Sordeni.
In Arcalis we will climb the highest peaks on the funicular, which operates only in the summer.
Join a walking ascent (subject to prior confirmation) to a height of over 3000 meters, offering spectacular views of Spain, France and the Atlantic Ocean.
If desired, horseback riding, fishing, visit the Automobile Museum, Caldea Spa, and more.
If our visit falls on the winter season, from November to April, then surely we will visit the numerous ski slopes, equipped in accordance with international standards and feature first-class service.
The resorts of Andorra is very favorable price-quality ratio.
Lunch will take place in the beautiful restaurant, which is more than 300 years, where we were met by a personal chef, who worked with King Juan Carlos of Spain and prepare the tender meat grown on the lands of Andorra.
After this visit we will make shopping in the best shopping centers of the Principality, previously acquainted with the gift of Salvador Dali for residents of Andorra.
Please note that many of the goods sold in Andorra, have a value of up to 40% lower than in the rest of Europe. Plus Tax Free refund up to 21%.
For dinner, I`ll invite you to the wonderful fish restaurant at the mountain lake at an altitude of over 1,500 meters.
We offer freshly caught trout, delicate cheeses and tart Catalan wine.
After dinner and a long day, at your request we can stay in the mountain hotel in Andorra to spend from one to three days or return to Barcelona.
Additional cost: breakfast, lunch, dinner (including the guide), souvenirs, funicular (8 euros per person).
The price is per person.

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Many thanks for the excellent excursion. My learned a lot of facts, legends, wonderful stories about this wonderful city in which you want to come back and stay forever. We saw so much that we could not see yourself one day. It was perfect and I would highly recommend.

Magda, Poland
01.02.2017 в 10:20

Montserrat Amazing! Thank you for the tour, we are such a beauty ever seen. All the perfectly organized. From Holland with Love!

Mishele, Amsterdam
01.02.2017 в 10:19

Thank you very much for our wonderful 2 nights under a starry sky in the mountains of Andorra! We are so excited that there are no words to describe all the emotions, feelings and joy)) This is an incredible time, absolutely nothing on similar, only you, the mountains and the billions of stars. We saw so many shooting stars that seems to make come true all your deepest desires) Separately want to say about the excellent cuisine of Andorra, it's really delicious! And of course, we note that everything was perfectly organized - from a meeting at the airport and throughout our three days in Andorra! Very grateful to you and will definitely return in the summer in Barcelona. PS everyone who thinks and doubts about spending the night in the mountains, we want to say - do not be afraid! With Vladimir You will not be gone, and those emotions that give you Andorra will not find anywhere else!

Helena, Iceland
31.01.2017 в 10:21

Good time to everyone who is going to Barcelona. I envy you. I advise everyone, even if you were in this surprising city, excursion around with Vladimir. He's really in love with this city, he knows it and shows the best places. It seems to be familiar to all, but podezzhaem with the unexpected side, that you begin to look around - where we are. The route is built very logically, with a gradual increase in load and rate of movement. It allows you to get used to inexperienced cyclists. But there is a wish to track movements tougher schedule, not to give smeared along the route. Thanks again to Vladimir for the discovery of Barcelona, ​​for the love of it. There is a desire and hope to return to this city, and with it go through new routes. Anyone who was not - visit with Vladimir Monserrat This is another story. This is - WOW. Alexander, were in Barcelona in January 2017

Alexandr, New York
31.01.2017 в 10:20

Thank you very much for a wonderful tour of the Monastery of Montserrat. It was impressive and very exciting. We liked everything: incredible mountain Montserrat, magical statue of the Madonna, gorgeous Benedictine monastery, spectacular views of the valley, and of course your stories, sense of humor and a good mood. We are pleased that appealed to you during our trip to Barcelona. Thanks to you we had a wonderful week and visited many interesting places, which would themselves never learned. Everything was organized perfectly, with a lovely friendly atmosphere and attention to detail. You are able to show the city that love at its best and we, too, is now in love with Barcelona) Be sure to return to this wonderful country and the fabulous Barcelona next year with our children and turn to your service again. With respect.

Donald, Jenny. Canada
30.01.2017 в 10:20

Wine and gastronomic tour was perfect and memorable! Catalan flavor and good-natured hosts winery has left the most pleasant experience, and the wine and cheese we have discovered a wealth of flavors. We are very pleased that met with rural Spain, before that we did not try the gastronomic ecotourism. Thank you, we'll be back)

Riccardo, Daniela
30.01.2017 в 10:19

We express our gratitude for the great time in the production of cava, wine, and a rustic lunch. We are well rested and very satisfied that you have chosen. It is better to see once, and try, and our expectations were completely justified. All professional, fun and easy. Thank you.

Dolores, Jesus
30.01.2017 в 10:18

Thank you for a wonderful wine tour. We are in Spain for the first time, before there were in Italy in the vineyards, too, very much. Excellent wines in Spain, we are ecstatic! A kitchen just lovely) will come to you even necessarily in the next year.

Julia, Phil
30.01.2017 в 10:17

Винный тур получился особым в нашей короткой поездки в Барселону. Бесконечные виноградники залитые Солнцем, старые погреба, вкусные вина и сыры совершенно по новому позволили нам взглянуть на Каталонию. Многовековые традиции каталонских крестьян определенно пришлись нам по вкусу. Если Вы любите вина то обязательно рекомендуем Вам услуги Владимира.

Борис, Инна. Нью Йорк.
27.01.2017 в 23:39

We really liked the tour of the Monastery of Montserrat, incredible mountains, the atmosphere, and your interesting stories. And of course the cheese that we bought in the monastery, he was just wonderful. Your contact will give our friends. Thanks again!

Chase, Orlando
25.01.2017 в 16:37

Thank you for an excellent place to Camp Nou! We are very impressed, we sat on the club places and everything was perfectly clear. Sons incessantly share emotions with their school friends. Be sure to come back!

Andreu, Victor
25.01.2017 в 16:34

Thank you for an interesting trip to the Dali museum, and Cadaqués. It was very informative, all perfectly organized, including lunch at a Catalan restaurant. We love the interesting excursions and eat tasty) Definitely will recommend you to our friends! Thank you.

Max, Lola
25.01.2017 в 16:33

We are very grateful for the trip to Andorra. Delightful nature, delicious air, fine cuisine and great shopping! )) Everything was well organized and interesting. We will definitely return to Andorra in the summer. Paradise

Tedd, Jenny
24.01.2017 в 12:00

Thank you for the excellent tour on a scooter and a wine tour! We are very pleased and happy that went to Barcelona and booked you trip. We have heard a lot about this wonderful city, but it is better to see with our own eyes. We love and will definitely return here. We wish you success!

24.01.2017 в 11:59

Thank you for a wonderful tour of the scooters. We only had 5 hours of Barcelona, but we saw in 3 hours a huge number of monuments of architecture, almost the whole city, and the most famous places. The walk was very interesting, sunny and busy) We are very pleased and recommend to all your perfect tour. With respect.

Svetlana, Samara
24.01.2017 в 11:58

Thank you for the wonderful tour of the Dali Theatre Museum, for your interesting stories and events from the life of Dali. That no matter what it does not seem a wealth of imagination that man can not remain indifferent. The amazing diversity of the creator - this painting, and jewelry that would envy any jeweler known and sculptures and often a chaotic jumble of irrelevant to each other elements. We are very impressed by what he saw, a man was sitting reading a book about the life of Salvador)) Spain for us it's love at first sight. You are all perfectly organized, all we recommended.

Ingrid, Oslo
22.01.2017 в 17:12

We spent 2 wonderful days in Andorra! This elegant, small and cozy country) We would like to note that the description of this tour does not show all the beauty that we saw, and the scales are offered our wonderful guide. Wonderful nature, great food, mountain rivers, and what's the air! In addition, we made a wonderful shopping, though paid for the advantage in the airline's 30 kg)) We are very grateful to you, and all recommend your services. With respect.

Anna, Kiev
22.01.2017 в 17:11

We visited the monastery of Montserrat. We are very satisfied, it is a magical place, and yet incredibly beautiful. Our tour started at 7-00, it took about an hour, and the first thing we went to the Black Madonna of Montserrat. Energy incredible, definitely a higher power patronize Catalonia. Then we walked the Way of Christ, visited the cave where the icon of Montserrat was found, went to the observation deck offering great views and can be seen even with the snow-capped Pyrenees. We learned a lot of stories, scary and not very good, bought a cheese and cottage cheese that makes the monks in the monastery and happy return to Barcelona. It is a pity not have time at the boys choir. But it is certainly in a different time. Thank you very much for our great time! You are a great expert in their field!

Yann, Maria.
21.01.2017 в 23:37

I had the opportunity to join our small group (5 people), the theater museum of Salvador Dali. I'm so glad that you turned out to be our guide! Thank you for the wonderful tour of such interesting stories magically spent time and excellent dinner! We became friends thanks to you, and we continue to have communication on the return to Russia. I will recommend your services to all my friends.

Andre, Samanta
21.01.2017 в 23:36

We took the wine and cheese tour))) Well, what to write, we were drunk, fat and happy) All as promised our wonderful tour guide, when we were planning a gastronomic tour. We thank you soooo! A beautiful day, hundreds of photos, floor-box wine and three kilograms of cheese crook was driven home)) This wine and cheeses such we never tried, and for our family it is a wonderful gift from Spain. Thank you and see you soon!

Nata, Andry. Ufa
20.01.2017 в 13:09

Wow guide! You are the best storyteller of all our long history of travel. Thank you for the great time spent and countless stories and facts from the life of Barcelona) We are in love with this city forever! We recommend you to our friends. First Class!

Ilya, Anna Novosibirsk
20.01.2017 в 13:08

We were in Barcelona only four days, and a day spent on a wine tour. The first three days we studied the city itself (as sorry), and only the last day we decided to go to the vineyards. We love to Catalonia! It's love at first sight, without exaggeration. We were drunk, fed and terribly happy))) Next trip we booked, and again in Barcelona) It left so much to see and learn. Thank you for a wonderful tour and our mood.

Alexandr, Norilsk
20.01.2017 в 13:07

What can I say? Bravo! We are full of admiration from a trip to Barcelona, ​​and are very pleased that appealed to this wonderful guide. Everything was organized at the highest level, the stories were extremely interesting, and it seems he did not never repeated a single word twice))) joke of course, but the truth is he is a professional in the business. For three days we have learned as much as yourself would not know, and in the past month, even if read books about Barcelona on the evening. And then the most valuable information, all with ease. We have something to compare, we in Europe are driving the last 22 years, and was visited by a great number of excursions. But here, as they say 5 points! Thank you.

Tony, London
18.01.2017 в 2:22

We were on tour in the Teatro Museo Dali. This is certainly a man of genius, such that we can not imagine! As for human life you can manage to do so much of masterpieces? This is a rhetorical question. The tour is wonderful!

Alan, Pert
18.01.2017 в 2:21

We ordered two outings: Montserrat and wine tour. We really enjoyed, Montserrat is the incredible beauty of the mountains and the monastery and wine tour opened our eyes to what is a labor-intensive business - wine. But the wine is quite remarkable. Recommended.

Kate, Boston
18.01.2017 в 2:20

Great wine tour! Honestly we did not expect such a result. We thought, well, what we can see, well harvested grapes, bottled and sold. But it turns out it is a science, cinema, art, and we are simply fascinated by the Spanish winemaking) Everything was organized perfectly, thought, without a hitch and without any problems. We recommend all your services. Everything is done with love, sincerely and friendly. Thank you!

Anna, John
16.01.2017 в 17:31

Thank you for a wonderful wine tour and well spent time. Catalonia amazing, delicious, sunny, and very original. We will get back to you. We will recommend your services to our friends.

16.01.2017 в 17:29

Awesome time spent in Andorra, left a very warm and happy memories of a wonderful meeting of New 2017! Peaceful atmosphere, the wildlife, the incredible cuisine of Andorra, an exclusive shopping - all this as a pattern for this magic word Andorra. We have been going to visit this small country, but as that passed by. But it is a real diamond for tourism. And very pleased that appealed to you, it's the right choice that defined our holiday. With love and respect from Irkutsk.

13.01.2017 в 19:19

We really liked the tour of the Teatro Museo Dali! We are delighted by this genius, who worked recently. Be sure to visit this wonderful museum, and it's worth the money and time! After the tour you can dine in an elegant restaurant. Anyone recommend BarceLove services! Really Love to Barcelona)))

13.01.2017 в 19:18

Обалденно проведенное время в Андорре, оставило самые теплые и приятные воспоминания о чудесной встрече Нового 2017 года! Умиротворенная атмосфера, дикая природа, невероятная кухня Андорры, исключительный шопинг - все это как одна картина для этого волшебной слова Андорра. Мы давно собирались посетить это карликовое государство, но все как то проезжали мимо. Но это настоящий бриллиант, для туризма. И очень рады, что обратились к Вам, это самый правильный выбор, который определил наш отдых. С Любовью и Уважением из Иркутска.

Семья Красновых, Иркутск, Анга
13.01.2017 в 19:15

We really liked the tour of the Teatro Museo Dali! We are delighted by this genius, who worked recently. Be sure to visit this wonderful museum, and it's worth the money and time! After the tour you can dine in an elegant restaurant. Anyone recommend BarceLove services! Really Love to Barcelona)))

13.01.2017 в 19:11

Excellent tour for one day! We saw Barcelona have heard wonderful stories about this amazing city and visited Montserrat. And the weather pleased us all the rest. We had a great time and fell in love with Spain! Thank you, we will recommend you to friends.

Shu, Shanghai
10.01.2017 в 18:07

Oh Montserrat! Thanks to your company for the excellent tour of the amazing monastery, in which I have long wanted to get into. This divine and incredible place while there I feel happy and inspired, my wishes will come true sure, because I was able to see and touch the main shrine - the Black Madonna, the Virgin Mary. For this, I came to Spain and will definitely be back again this summer. Thank you.

Laura, Nice
10.01.2017 в 18:05

From all our family would like to thank you, Vladimir, for a great time in Andorra. We spent 10 unforgettable days, evenings and nights in the luxurious Principality! We just got home last night, but the experience will last for a whole year, but in summer we will definitely want to return to Spain, in order to visit all the places that you have told us. Those wonderful days spent in Andorra, just turned our ideas about how you can in such a small country to build resorts in the world level. And the ski slopes and hiking in the natural parks and mountains, and incredible spa complex of Caldea, about the French, Spanish and Catalan wines generally keep quiet))) And what a kick-ass kitchen in Andorra! It is not possible to put into words! We returned home, and smiling still do not go out of our faces)))))) Thank you very much once again, Vladimir! We will definitely return! With respect.

German, Stuttgart
10.01.2017 в 18:03

A great time and eventful week! We liked everything! We fell in love with Barcelona, saw a mysterious Montserrat, and were delighted by wine and gastronomic tour. Dali was certainly mad genius, because his creations could do no one in his right mind. Andorra is a mountain miracle, incredible cuisine and attractive shopping. For a week we saw as much as would be without the help of Vladimir could not see in the past month. Very grateful to you and all recommend your services.

John, Sara. Michigan.
10.01.2017 в 18:02

Excellent trip to Andorra! Vladimir wonderful storyteller, Andorra knows how to sweet home. Beautiful nature, delicious restaurants, great shopping - what do you need to spend an unforgettable vacation? The next visit is planned in the winter to go skiing. In Andorra, excellent service throughout. We recommend using the services of Vladimir. Personally, we loved it.

Michail, Istambul
09.01.2017 в 18:02

We were advised friends to use the services of Vladimir. At the airport waiting for us in Barcelona Toyota minivan (we flew 5 people), then we were taken to the hotel booked in advance. And went after lunch on the first tour - Horta Labyrinth, where they filmed "Perfume". Park left the most pleasant experience, it is very well maintained and mysterious. Perhaps even more romantic night there. Since Barcelona we were not the first time that we needed not tourist destinations and services Vladimir come at our request. Visit to two wine farms (be sure to order the tour!), Castles, vineyards, ancient castles opened agricultural and Catalonia amazing for us, which we did not expect to see in the earlier visits. More than three thousand photos for 12 days of our trip, provided us exciting views long autumn evenings with our loved ones. The entire program of our stay was planned Vladimir, we trusted his taste and have not regretted a single time. Be sure to come back again and again, especially in the words of Vladimir and we will not see half of what deserves attention, and it is almost two weeks traveling ...

Antonio, Milano
09.01.2017 в 13:19

My wife ordered the excursion around, and do not regret it. 6 hours to see all the most important and interesting places, though tired and thoroughly to an end, but it's worth it. Feet would never so did not pass, the city is very large and look really have a lot of things. Although we travel a lot, but Barcelona is absolutely amazing, it is intertwined with the history of the future. The people of Barcelona are very emotional, such only in South America met in Ecuador and Chile. We recommend that you use all the services of Vladimir, will be satisfied.

Peter, Monica
09.01.2017 в 13:18

My wife and 2 children (5 and 8 years old) were resting in Barcelona in June 2016. Ordered Vladimir excursion to Montserrat - very pleasant tour, wonderful shuttle Lexus, a very interesting place, where exactly should go. For children, Vladimir offered to visit the Circuit de Catalunya in miniature, where 150 of Barcelona's most famous monuments. The kids were thrilled! We recommend that all services of Vladimir.

Alex, Canada
08.01.2017 в 2:04

Barcelona - a city of my love. Love these old streets, to football, to the modernist buildings, the people, towards the sea, to the fiesta and siesta, paellas and sweetness to the wine and brandy, for shopping ... For every love for Barcelona - it's a love story, not like other stories, they have something of their own.

Mary, Brno.
08.01.2017 в 0:26

Barcelona was the first time, random and unplanned for us. Two weeks held in September in this wonderful city left the most vivid impressions for our family. The first week we walked around the city, riding on Bus Travel and visit the most famous and popular places of Barcelona. But then I found this site on the Internet, and by Vladimir Barcelona we started to learn that the locals do not show mass tourism. And it shocked and fascinated us. Vladimir services were very useful: it's a convenient shuttle service during all days when we ordered excursions, and great cycling (! Recommend to all), and a trip to the mountains in Andorra - the snow was not there, so we were able to climb to a height of 3000 meters! Though of course it was physically hard, Wake up started at 10 am and only 5! hours we reached the top. Then lunch in a surprising restaurant at an altitude of about 2000 meters. And back a further 3 hours. Tired, so that slept 12 hours, but these impressions were yesterday and they stayed for a lifetime. On the way to Andorra it was on the farm where the cheese is cooked and prepared an incredible dairy products. These green meadows and cows that are completely unlike our Sun all day and delicious mountain air - left in our memory vivid moments of the trip. After the trip, we've got more than 4000 photos))) a lot of things did not look, but we now have a reason to come back here and find out more. We just fell in love with Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona Queen herself! Thank you, Vladimir, for the fact that our first encounter with Spain and Barcelona has turned out that way!

07.01.2017 в 16:13

“Pavel gave our group of 3 couples a spectacular and memorable day trip though Barcelona. His knowledge of the culture, history, architecture, food and wine, and historical sites made our time in this wonderful city fun and educational. I would definitely recommend the 9 hour tour as I do not know what we would have chosen to miss.”

Jack D, , California
26.12.2016 в 2:51

Barcelove works to ferret out gems you won’t find in any top 10 list. Pavel conducted a fantastic tour into Penedes with a very comfortable van. Our entire group had a great time at a medium-sized Cava producer’s estate. Pavel’s breadth and depth of wine knowledge was solid, the winery was great, the owner was gracious, and the Cava was excellent. It felt very much like an exclusive tour, not one for the masses. Also, for anyone considering this tour, we’d recommend adding on the lunch at a local restaurant. Atmosphere was perfect, there was plenty of great food, and I love a good digestif with my coffee.

Valeri S, Chicago
24.12.2016 в 13:57

My husband found this tour and booked with Pavel for my 30th birthday. It was absolutely the best day of our trip to Spain as well as the best way I could have imagined turning 30. We started at the Castelriog Winery which was absolutely stunning. The cava, wines, and fuet were some of the best either one of us has ever had. By far, this family run winery was a highlight of the trip to Spain Then we had a perfect lunch in the countryside eating some of the best rabbit, duck, and pate. Being that it was my birthday Pavel even got me a small chocolate cake with candles to blow out. So thoughtful and what an easy comfortable person to spend our day with. We ended the day with a truly moving visit to Monserrat Mountain. Make sure you take the hike, given the option. We ended the day overlooking the monastery while sipping on some Castelriog cava. The last thing I must mention is the cathedral. By far one of the most breath taking cathedrals I’ve ever been in. Moving even. I cannot reccomebd this tour enough, Pavel was so great and the entire tour was thoughtful, nothing was rushed and was very high class!

KLZach, St. John, US Virgin Is
23.12.2016 в 14:57

This is become our favorite winery, not for just the wine but the whole atmosphere. The food offerings compliment the wines and are perfect for sharing.

Boris, Elena, Israel
20.12.2016 в 21:56

We had a really nice trip to Alta Alella vineyard. Our guides were amazing with their expertise in wine-making and gardening. Although we knew something about wines before, the tour gave us many interesting new facts, and even some issues about Spanish living. Wine-tasting was also great, nicely guided and introduced. After the tour, on the way back to the city of Barcelona, we visited in a Tavern to grab some Tapas, in Catalan-style with vermouth. And of course we tasted some wine too. That was also a very very nice experience, far away from the rush of the city. (30 minutes…  ) I really can recommend you taking a wine trip with Pavel!

Seppo, Turku, Finland
20.12.2016 в 2:30

Barce is a wonderful tour guide, probably the best we have ever encountered. In setting up the tour via email he was responsive and flexible. His knowledge of Barcelona and Catalonia history and culture is impressive and he communicates it with passion and enthusiasm. He is a very pleasant person to spend time with. Highly recommended.

Mike G, New York
19.12.2016 в 1:51

Отличная возможность узнать Барселону. Гиды действительно любят свой город и готовы поведать вам все его секреты.

Тамара,Игорь Клейман
13.12.2016 в 3:43

This private tour (small group of 5) was incredible - pick up & drop off @ hotel, transport to vineyard with information on Barcelona and the Penedes region, facility and museum tour and very in-depth, varied product tasting. Pavel is incredibly knowledgeable and truly passionate about the cava and wine from the Penedes region as well as Barcelona and surrounding areas. We visited a family owned vineyard, were able to see every step of the process and then tasted with the owner - what an amazing day! A MUST DO if in Barcelona...thanks so much Pavel!

24.05.2016 в 16:49

We were cruising on the NCL Epic, and found the shore excursion offered by the ship too limited. Hence we contacted BarceLove, via, reading previous reviews. We received a quick reply, and he answered all our queries and gave suggestions for a half day tour of Barcelona. We planned the day based on his feedback. BarceLove, was at the Barcelona cruise port on time with a private taxi to tour the city. He had purchased tickets for Park Guell, and Sagrada Familia, in advance. He planned it well so we were able to see both places in detail, without wasting any time in lines. He gave us a very good background of all the places we visited, including the Casa Mila, Las Ramblas, and the Gothic Quarter. He was with us, making the tour interesting and informative. He also suggested an excellent spot for some hot chocolate and lunch. Overall we were extremely happy tour the city with BarceLove. We would surely contact if we return to that area, and strongly recommend him to anyone who wanted to tour the Catalonia.

SubahuRadia Mumbai (Bombay), I
12.05.2016 в 17:01

Super! Thank you!

10.05.2016 в 16:13

Our group of friends spent a day with BarceLove exploring Barcelona. We started with the walking tour of the Old Town. BarceLove managed to show us so much more than we had seen on previous visits and areas we had not even been to. We then had one of the best lunches in a typical Spanish family run restaurant trying lots of different tapas. After lunch had organized a van to pick us up and we continued our tour of Barcelona seeing all the major sites which he managed to bring to life with his stories. We class this tour as one of the best we did during our cruise. The following day BarceLove organized the van to pick us up (at a reasonable price) and take us to the cruise ship. Thanks BarceLove for a great day and showing us Barcelona through your eyes.

Agata, Sydney
07.05.2016 в 18:30

We found Barcelona while looking for a guide in Barcelona who can conduct tours in both, English and Russian. We spent three remarkable days. On each day we had 4 - 5 hour tours. Day one was dedicated to Gaudi Architecture: Casa Batllo and Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. On second day - Montserrat Mountain and Monastery, and at last - Barcelona Highlights including Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas, Catedral, Montjuic Hill & Plaça d’Espanya. BarceLove is amazing! He is not only able to speak all languages at once: Spanish, English, Russian; but his knowledge of the art, architecture, history and modern life of Barcelona are absolutely spectacular. He loves the city and its people and made us fall in love with it, too. Every event was organized to the smallest details. He had a private driver for all our tours, we were picked at our place and at the end delivered to any location of our choice. When we had a problem with a broken door in our apartment, and we could not get help from the rental management, he drove on Friday night to ‘save’ us, people he hardly knew and may never see again. Wonderful gentleman and the best guide we ever had.

Jack, NY
27.04.2016 в 16:00

“Great Experience with BarceLove” From the moment we were picked up at the airport through the end of our 4 days journey we had the best time in Barcelona and vicinity! BarceLove was very accommodating and knowledgeable. We had a private tour and that was simply the best!

Tom and Jenny, Los-Angeles,USA
16.04.2016 в 22:05

We had a fantastic day in the Penedès wine region! His knowledge and love of Spanish wine was informative and interesting. Highly suggested!

John and Sara, Orlando, USA
16.04.2016 в 0:21

It was Great! Thank you very much.

Tomas, Jenny, Orlando, USA.
19.03.2016 в 18:54
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