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Whale Shark Snorkeling Excursion

Service description:

We at Cabo Trek now offer whale shark snorkeling trips to La Paz during the entire whale shark season, from October till March, with our conservation partners the Whale Shark Research Project a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of whale sharks. By joining us for one of our research trips participants get the opportunity to interact with the whale sharks in their natural habitat, learn about the scientific research that is being undertaken, contribute to the conservation of these majestic sharks and have a great time doing it. The trips are a half-day in length leaving from Cabo San Lucas early in the morning, driving 1 hour 30mins up the peninsula towards La Paz Bay, a unique sheltered bay, and a place where the whale sharks are known to arrive annually to feed. After a briefing about whale sharks you will be outfitted with snorkeling equipment and a marine biologist trained in whale shark conservation will guide your trip as we set out in search for the sharks in the Bay. Trips will generally last three hours in length with snacks and refreshments provided, before returning to shore where you can change before the return trip back to Cabo San Lucas.

Season: from 1st of October till 30 of March

Schedule: Tour runs every Tuesday and Friday or any day provided the group is of at least 4 guests

Duration: 10 Hours (Day excursion)

What`s included: Boat ride, Marine biologist as guide, Lunch, Snack on board, Bottled water, Stop in Todos Santos on the way back.

Prices: 205 USD per adult, 185 USD per child, 1.250 USD private tour up to 4 guests | [email protected] | TOLL FREE Call from U.S. : 1 844 851 9842

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